Improving the performance of a company’s staff can be an ongoing process, with enhancement obtained through employee development courses. Human resource experts having better knowledge of the best methods leaders engage in development programs and assemblers in safety. The Concept Group offers a variety of custom courses designed around achieving the bottom-line results of companies through employee training and development programs.

Team Building & Leadership: The goal of these courses by the Concept Group are to achieve these advantages through employee development and employee training workshops. Learn more about our team building & leadership courses.

Safety Training: The Concept Group’s courses for safety training provide a complete approach to potential hazards within many industries. Safety training programs can be used for individual professional development, trainers or for a company’s workforce.

  • Workplace Health & Safety Officer: This first stage in the three stage program takes trainees covers a basic understanding of the principles and practices of workplace health and safety.
  • Workplace Health & Safety Officer Level 2: The second stage in the three stage program covers the details of the principles and practices of workplace health and safety.
  • Workplace Health & Safety Officer Level 3: The final stage in the three stage program helps participants master the principles and practices of workplace health and safety.
  • Hazardous Material Handling: Designed to give employees the knowledge and skills in identifying, handling, storing and transporting hazardous substances.
  • Safety Audit Courses: Courses are designed to reduce the risk of work-related death, injury and diseases through safety auditing.
  • Accident/Incident Investigation: Provides those people in the organization who would be involved in the investigation of accidents with techniques for successful performance.
  • Manual Handling Course: Equips trainees with knowledge and skills in safe methods of manual handling in industrial situations.
  • Forklift Driver Training: Ensures that operators understand the importance of safe operation, correct materials handling procedures, load capacity of vehicles and good maintenance.
  • Risk Management: Emphasizes the systematic approach to risk management and how this may be easily built into current workplace management.
  • Re-certification/Refresher Course: Continuing professional development programs to ensure that the knowledge of safety officers remains relevant and modern.
  • Fire Warden’s Awareness Course: Designed for personnel who have the responsibility of acting as evacuation wardens in the workplace.

HR: Through our extensive experience and specialization in human resources, we can help companies to enhance their internal HR function to save costs and enhance employee performance. Learn more about our courses to improve your internal HR.