Recruitment in Papua New Guinea

There are several elements that must work together in order to effectively select candidates to work in an organization. Papua New Guinea has some unique characteristics that require specialist recruiting skills to effectively attract the most appropriate candidate.

Selection of qualified candidates spans far beyond the CV and is as much of an art as it is a science. However, effective recruiting strategies can contribute to the construction of a company’s culture and build efficiencies that meet the company’s strategic operation.

At the Concept Group, we work hard to understand every client’s objectives and then set forth strict measure to achieve them.

Our recruiting works towards the end result of our clients and the ‘big-picture’ of how candidates fit together, aside from one time hires. Our approach is all reflective of our core values, in that we genuinely care about improving our client’s companies and the performance of the people within them. We provide fully custom recruiting solutions within:

  • Recruitment policy and procedure development
  • Behavioral based interviewing technique
  • Succession planning and recruiting from within.
  • Recruitment consulting and Executive Search
  • Recruitment team mentoring and coaching

Concept Recruitment offers a unique brand of non commission recruitment services that enables us to focus on finding the right person, not generating a fee.

Contact us to learn more about these services and recruiting consulting services we that offer to meet your specific needs.