Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching in Papua New Guinea

Having effective training is a never ending process of company improvement. Qualities such as higher customer satisfaction levels and overall increased firm productivity are some of the benefits companies enjoy with highly trained employees.

Other companies prefer to experience the cost saving benefits of outsourcing their new employee training process, letting our specialization help them to save money by focusing on what they do best – their core business functions.

The Concept Group provides Safety Training, Human Resource Training, and Leadership and Management Programs through our experienced training and coaching consultants.

Our hands on courses that are specifically designed to create higher levels of employee engagement and contribute to a productive working environment.

Our most valuable contribution to any group that we are coaching is our passion for helping companies become greater through their people. We believe that this begins with excellent employee training and continues with high levels of employee engagement that are directly aligned with the mission of your company.

Our best approaches the human resource training, leadership building and safety training will help your company to experience the rewards of a highly trained and motivated workforce to position your company for success.

Learn more about the Training & Coaching Courses offered in Papua New Guinea:

Human Resources: We help your human resources staff benefit from our several years of industry experience and cutting edge techniques to improve employee performance. Through engaging and productive courses, we provide clear takeaways and key messages that are beneficial for human resources personnel at any level.

Leadership & Team Building: Organized teams that understand how to work with one another and the characteristics of other members can perform more effectively than disorganized ones. Our courses on team building and leadership are all about building effective teams – We work with companies to help better construct them for specific objectives and increase collaboration and performance levels that contribute to the key objectives of the company.

Safety Training: A lack of proper safety training can result in higher defect levels, machine malfunctions and serious employee injuries. Our goal is to stop these consequences of inadequate safety training before they happen and keep them from getting worse if they do arise. Effective safety training from our program is an investment that companies experience the benefits of every day that an accident does not arise