About Us

About Us

The Concept Group believes that at the core of every company, are the people that create value for customers. Through effective management of these people, companies may experience higher customer satisfaction, increased productivity and fewer accidents. We deliver HR services that are designed to impact companies, beginning with their employees and continuing with improved company performance.

With a practice since 1991, our loyal clients in the Papa New Guinea and South Pacific are a testament to the dedication we place on impacting people’s lives in a real and tangible way. Our cutting edge approach of the latest techniques in our industry, blended with our management’s over 25 years leadership experience – we understand how to construct, manage and improve great employees.

Our Approach to Human Resource Management

Every solution that we provide within all HR services is completely tailored to our clients, from the cost-cutting advantages of HR outsourcing so that your company can focus on its core business, to helping your company reduce on-site accidents and create loyal employees aligned with your company’s goals. These are delivered through our four pillar approach to human resource management.

HR & Payroll: Concept Group is the South Pacific distributor of the Alesco HR and Payroll System, a state-of-the-art software used by leading companies that helps companies more effectively manage their human resources. We combine software with expert advisory solutions in:

  • Streamlining payroll
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Superannuation
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Deductions management
  • Bonus payments
  • More custom HR solutions…

HR Consulting: As the exclusive agent of the Hay Group for Papa New Guinea with our background in human resources, we provide highly specialized services that are always custom tailored to each client. Our focus exclusively on human resources with experience and cutting-edge techniques, provides every client with an expert in human resources and consulting that is ready to implement a myriad of solutions within our function.

  • Human resources strategy
  • Rewards systems
  • Talent management
  • Team performance improvement
  • Recruitment consulting
  • More custom consulting solutions…

Training & Coaching: Through our solution focused approach to training, we focus our initiatives on the best method of achieving our company’s goals. Our services are structured around training as a means to obtain your specific objectives and employee enrichment, not end with the last session. We offer many training and hands-on coaching programs on a continual basis.

  • Human resource management coaching
  • Leadership & team building
  • Occupational health
  • Safety training
  • Alesco HR & Payroll System Certification
  • More custom courses…

Recruitment: Among the most important factors in expert recruiting, is having a thorough understanding of a company’s cultures, values and operations. That is why we engage in understanding every client’s business and unique recruiting needs. Combined with our large international network of talent, we can fill challenging roles and find the perfect candidate for every position in your company.

  • Talent acquisition
  • Position fulfillment
  • Candidate interviewing
  • Team building
  • Leadership searching
  • More custom recruiting solutions…


Ascender: As a leader in human resources BPO in the Asia Pacific since 2003, Ascender formerly known as Talent 2 specializes in payroll, HR advisory and recruitment services to turn organizations into dynamic and exiting places to work.

Korn Ferry Hay Group: With over 2,600 employees in 48 different countries, the Hay Group is a global management consulting firm that provides solutions across every major industry. The company has many business applications and
methodologies that is uses with partners to provide custom tailored solutions.


Brendan Coombs

Brendan Coombs is the founder and Managing Director of Concept Software and Concept Training Services. Brendan is responsible for the overall leadership of the company and its people, to ensure that Concept continues to deliver innovative and high value solutions to its clients, while exploring new opportunities in order to position and maintain Concept as a market leader. Brendan has a HR background with over 20 years in Senior HR and Executive Management Positions. Brendan was a Founding Member of the PNG Human Resources Institute and the PNG Occupational Health and Safety association. Brendan has a Bachelor of Business in HR Management from the Queensland University of Technology.