Fire Warden’s Awareness Course

Fire Warden’s Awareness Course

Program Purpose

Fire awareness training and evacuation specifically designed for personnel who have (or will have) the responsibility of acting as fire/ evacuation wardens in the work place.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

The fire awareness training course is a theory course; practical training is not conducted unless the participants have not completed the First Aid Firefighting Appliances in the Workplace Course.

Program Content

  • If required first aid firefighting appliances in the work place
  • Building management
  • Crowd control / customer evacuation
  • Means of escape
  • Signs and notices
  • Fire drills
  • Fire alarms / emergency lighting
  • Bomb threats

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of, the duties and responsibilities of a fire warden, building evacuation and crowd control.

Who Should Attend

All personnel who are fire wardens in the workplace / building

Certificate Award

A certificate is awarded on successful completion of the training