Developing Staff to Achieve Objectives

Developing Staff to Achieve Objectives

Training on how best to use HR for developing staff and to achieve the immediate and future operational objectives. This course is specifically designed for Line Managers who are directly involved in the development of Staff. This may be through mentoring, coaching or training, or as a Line Manager whose focus is on building internal capability and capacity across a team.

There is an emphasis on:

  • Defining and managing Accountability; and
  • Setting relevant operational goals in line with organisational objectives.

At the conclusion of the course the participant will:

  • Be able to perform skills gap analysis; Understand how to use Job Descriptions to improve operational performance;
  • Be able to communicate with the HR Department to recommend effective internal and/or external training programs.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Structured training presentations by facilitators including individual and/or group exercises, activities and discussions. Participants are encouraged to contribute to the discussion on skills gap analysis, performance management and succession planning.

Prior Learning and/or Experience

    • Line Managers who have at least 2—3 years of Supervision experience in a functional line responsibility and currently managing staff (preferably a team of people)
    • Prior attendance to the CTS Basic Human Resources for Line Managers would be an advantage. but is not essential

Program Content

The topics covered in this course include:

        • Practical use of Job Descriptions
        • Skills Gap Analysis
        • Training Needs Analysis
        • Pros and cons of internal and external training
        • Basic Workforce Planning
        • Basic Succession Planning

Who Should Attend?

        • Line Managers who directly manage employees and who are required to build their team’s capacity and capability.
        • Human Resource staff who are involved in developing and managing Training Needs Analysis and designing Skills Gaps training programs.

Certificate Award: (Certification / qualification)

Participants who successfully complete the Developing Staff to Achieve Objectives course will receive a ‘Certificate of Attainment’.
Course Fee: K1,800 + gst (per Person)    Duration: 2 Days