Remote First Aid

Remote First Aid

Program Purpose

Having a proper understanding of first aid can prevent serious injuries and even death. Employees that have first aid training are equipped with knowledge required to provide emergency area first aid response.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

The Level 2 Remote Area / Wilderness First Aid certification course is accredited with Swinburne University and recognized worldwide as a leading accreditation in Remote Area / Wilderness First Aid.

The first aid course is generally conducted over four full days of instruction. The course is delivered by Dr. Rob Gilfillan who has extensive experience in teaching First Aid and in search and rescue operations in Australia.

Program Content

  • Basic first aid training (as covered in Level 1)
  • Emergency response in remote settings
  • Search and Rescue techniques
  • Remote area first aid response
  • Dealing with medical emergencies when medical aid is not readily available
  • Long-term injury management and reduction/prevention of major infection
  • Transport of medical emergency patients – stretchers, immobilization & slings
  • Management of fatally injured patients and reducing risk of contamination

Learning Outcomes

A knowledge of techniques and first aid skills capable of being provided in remote environments or unusual conditions.

Who Should Attend

All personnel that may be in the position to provide remote first aid

Certificate Award

A certificate is awarded on successful completion of the first aid training. The certification is valid for a three year period and includes a CPR component.