Employee Relations and Occuputional Health and Safety

Employee Relations and Occupational Health and Safety

Program Purpose

This program centers on the maintenance and management of Human Resources. It covers areas in Occupational Health and Safety, Trade Unions and Industrial Relations and Arbitration. It also deals with the Labour Laws and Acts that govern employment and Employment and Industrial relations in PNG.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Structured training presentations by facilitators including individual/group exercises, activities, discussions and case studies for employee relations and occupational health and safety training.

Program Content

  • Human Resource Management and the Law
  • Evaluation of the role and effectiveness of Trade Unions
  • Negotiations with Trade Unions
  • Describing recent Industrial Relations trends and issues
  • Understanding the costs relating to Occupational Health and Safety issues
  • Have a working knowledge of the various Labor and Employment Legislations (Laws or Acts) that determine employment in PNG.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the relevant laws and Acts when dealing with Industrial issues.
  • Negotiate and Arbitrate with Trade Unions
  • Understand Approaches to Industrial Relations and Arbitration
  • Understand the importance of Occupational Health and Safety at Workplace and Costs involved.
  • Apply their knowledge of the various Laws and Acts which govern employment and industrial, and occupational health & and safety at workplace.

Who Should Attend

  • Examination to gain Individual Course Certificate
  • External Assessment as credit towards the HRM Certificate

Course Award

Participants who complete this module of the Human Resource Management Program will receive a Concept Training Services Certificate of Achievement.