Management Development Program

Management Development Program

Program Purpose

The program is competency based, with learner’s undertaking modules that are relevant to their current workplace activities and matching their key result areas, addressing critical competencies. Managers will gain a recognized qualification in management, with learning that will improve workplace performance.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

The introductory Leadership Development module is of one week’s duration, and introduces managers to the program. This is a residential module, where participants live and work on Loloata Island Resort for the week. Here they are exposed to Management and Leadership principles and practices.

With support from the program facilitators, each participant will develop an individual action plan to guide them through future modules of the program. The following experiential, outdoor and classroom based learning activities make Module 1 truly unique:

  • Management
  • Leadership and Teambuilding activities
  • Orienteering
  • Cruising the reefs off Port Moresby on ‘Gwenith T’ a 42 foot cruising vessel used at the resort to create an ever changing learning environment
  • Exploring Loloata in small teams to achieve goals
  • Abseiling
  • Canoeing
  • Individual program development.

Program Content

The programs comes in different workshops, each ranging in price and length of time. Contact us to request more information about each program and the details.

  • Leadership Development (Residential) (1 week) (K2950.00)
  • Organisational Development (1 week) (K890.00)
  • Strategic Management (1 week) (K890.00)
  • Business Communications (1 week) (K1950.00)
  • Foundations of Human Resource Management (1 week) (K890.00)
  • Human Resource Planning (1 week) (K890.00)
  • Industrial Relations Issues (1 week) (K890.00)
  • Human Resource Development (1 week) (K890.00)
  • Occupational Health and Safety (1 week) (K890.00)
  • Information Systems for Managers (2 weeks) (K1950.00)
  • Management Accounting (1 week) (K890.00)
  • Operations Management (2 weeks) (K1950.00)
  • Planning and Organising (3 days) (K490.00)
  • Problem Solving (3 days) (K490.00)
  • Decision Making (2 days) (K290.00)
  • Conflict Resolution (2 days) (K290.00)