Creative Thinking and Innovation

Creative Thinking and Innovation

Program Purpose

Unlock your creative ability! In this one-day innovation course, you will rediscover what it means to be creative within creative thinking exercises. You will examine a number of tools to assist in the creative process, and identify the common creativity blockers and how they can be overcome. You will also examine methods of evaluating ideas and how to turn them from an idea into an innovative new product, service, or process.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Structured training presentations by a facilitator, including activities, exercises and assessment. Creative thinking skills development by course participants.

Program Content

  • Reflect on your personal best creative experience, identifying what enabled you to generate the idea/s
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses in thinking creatively
  • Describe and apply five tools to assist the creative process
  • Identify some common creativity blockers and ways to overcome them
  • Evaluate your creative ideas against your objectives
  • Apply techniques to gain support and “buy in” for your idea

Learning Outcomes

  • Define innovation
  • Articulate the benefits of innovation for yourself, your team, and your organization
  • Explain the relationship between creativity and innovation
  • Define creativity and its three core elements

Who Should Attend

  • Management responsible for developing creative and unique strategies
  • Marketing staff developing and refining promotional campaigns
  • Any other employees that may benefit from creative thinking
  • HR managers that would like to train employees to think creatively