Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Program Purpose

Communication training spans from written to verbal and effects the firm internally and externally with customers. Effective communication can increase the probability of tasks being fulfilled and converts leads to customers. In this practical one day course, participants will gain the knowledge and skills required to communicate clearly and effectively in a wide variety of situations.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Structured training presentations by a facilitator, including activities, exercises and assessment. Basic communication skills development by course participants.

Program Content

  • Identify and work successfully with different communication styles.
  • Develop and practice skills that manage breakdowns more effectively.
  • Identify strategies for effectively managing internal dialogue.
  • Develop and practice strategies for being assertive in conflict situations.
  • Give and receive effective and appropriate feedback.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase the effectiveness of your business communications through an understanding of the importance of planning and tailoring content to suit the intended audience.
  • Delivery of the program uses a combination of theory, small group discussion and activities, followed by individual written work.

Who Should Attend

  • Employees that have regular interaction with customers, including staff and support staff.
  • Staff that collaborates with others internally in groups or regularly with management teams.
  • Human resources managers that train their staff or new hires on communication skills.