Human Resource Planning

Human Resource Planning

Program Purpose

It is becoming increasingly important for Human Resource Managers to apply a strategic point-of-view in line with the new paradigm of management ideals. Organizations that have been able to attract the very best, keep them, develop them, motivate them and manage their performance, will be the ones with the competitive advantage.

This HR planning course, part of a larger part of HR training courses, will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to enable practitioners to organize and manage their human resource planning effectively and professionally.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Structured training presentation by facilitators, including individual and/or group activities, exercise and assignments.

Program Content

  • Organizational Development
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • The Human Resource Management Process
  • The Human Resource Planning Procedures
  • Forecasting and Human Resource Audits
  • Tools for Planning and Problem Solving
  • Recruitment and Selection and Sources of Recruitment

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain why Human Resource Management is an essential Management function, and how it links to the organization’s strategic plans
  • Describe the Human Resource Process
  • Describe the process of recruitment both within and outside the organization
  • Understand the implications of external pressures such as a changing Workforce, Legal Framework and Cultural Environment
  • Evaluate the alignment of Human Resource Strategy as a planned response to Corporate Strategy

Who Should Attend

  • Human resource practitioners currently involved in human resource management in the government or the private industry.
  • Those who want to move into the human resource management field.

Course Award

Participants who complete this module of the Human Resource Management Program will receive a Concept Training Services Certificate of Achievement.