Creativing Great Customer Experiences

Creativing Great Customer Experiences

Program Purpose

This 1-day customer experience training course will revolutionize the way you think about customer service. You will move from seeking to provide good service to understanding the importance of creating a great experience and will learn techniques and strategies that will enable you to make profound changes in your workplace.

Teaching and Learning Strategies
Structured training presentations by a facilitator, including activities, exercises and assessment. Customer experience design skills development by course participants.

Program Content

  • Differentiate between customer service and a customer experience
  • Identify the key elements of an outstanding customer experience
  • Identify what experiences you and your organization currently provide, and assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • Assume responsibility for the provision of outstanding customer experiences
  • Develop strategies for achieving consistency in the provision of your customer service

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase the effectiveness of your business communications through an understanding of the importance of planning and tailoring content to suit the intended audience.
  • Delivery of the program uses a combination of theory, small group discussion and activities, followed by individual written work.

Who Should Attend

  • Management that is responsible for employees interacting with staff
  • Customer relationship managers
  • Staff from the marketing department or engaging in process design