Advanced Negotiation Techniques

Advanced Negotiation Techniques

Program Purpose

As a sales person, one of your most important functions is to sell products and services offered to customers. Your business may spend a large amount of money attracting customers, with activities such as; advertising and promotions, aiming to inform customers of the products and/or services being offered.

These activities are for the purpose of attracting the customer to the business which then presents you with the opportunity to sell. This advanced negation course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate with customers to advise and sell your company’s products and services in a personal and professional manner.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Structured training presentations by a facilitator, including activities, exercises and assessment. Advanced negotiation skills practice by course participants.

Program Content

  • Explain the benefits to customers of your organization’s products and services.
  • Create win-win business situations that benefit company and customer.
  • Master selling presentation skills.
  • Handle difficult customers.
  • Demonstrate add-on sales techniques.
  • Work in a sales team.
  • Explain products and services to each unique customer.
  • Develop an action plan for selling products and services in your workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the business negotiation training, the participants will be able to:

  • Explain issues in a very understandable manner
  • Handle difficult processes in an organized manner
  • Maintain a clean and organized working environment
  • Explain customer aftercare
  • Work in a well collaborating team
  • Plan and organize to process customer information.
  • Explain stock security and control

Who Should Attend

  • Sales managers and selling staff at all levels
  • Customer relationship managers
  • All employees selling or regularly presenting products or services

Certificate Award

Participants who successfully complete the Foundations of Human Resource Management program will receive a PNG Human Resource Institute ‘Certificate of Achievement’.